About Me

I am so grateful!  I am beyond blessed with faith, family, friends, colleagues,  mentors, a client family and community that shares their energy and support in my life.

I'm a very proud mother of 2 boys.  We have a highly supportive family tribe. My hobbies are writing & hiking.  I enjoy traveling and I am a vine enthusiast!   

I am purposed to improving the lives of others!  My faith, profession, & passions all involve helping people reach their goals and enrich their lives.  I get to do this through mortgage lending.  Math is very concrete. I solve for what is unknown for each borrower.  One equation at a time.  Creating solutions is my super power.

As a mortgage consultant, I help people save time and money!  I have been in the industry over 20 years. I specialize in helping veteran families, first time buyers, investors, and renovation lending.  My goal is to create clarity and make the process simple for my clients.  I do this by asking great questions.  I deliver options, confidence, and results.

It is my pleasure to serve our community in several ways. 

I love meeting people who are committed to their passions. Please connect with me where I'm working to make a difference.  Please introduce me to those that could benefit from my expertise.

I hope that as you connect with me, you are inspired to live your best life using your talents and gifts to make your world a better place!  Together we are #lendingandchanginglives

I look forward to helping you #closewithbliss 

Love and Light! - Bliss