About Me

When I began my mortgage career in 1994 I didn't realize there was even a "t" in mortgage. Over the years I've learned that there is much more than just taking the clients information and quoting interest rates. When dealing with your home financing, I not only work with one of your largest personal financial investments; I also handle one of your biggest dreams. As your mortgage planning specialist, I will give you my best consistently.

The best rate on the wrong loan could cost you thousands of dollars. It's important to evaluate not only the monthly payment but also how your mortgage will fit into your overall financial plan. If handled properly, your mortgage can serve as a "wealth creation" tool!

I'm looking forward to serving you and to discussing how having a Strategy Session can help us structure the best mortgage to meet your needs of purchasing or refinancing a home loan in North East Florida or for that matter anywhere else in the United States!

Choose to make today great!!!

David Wakefield