Erin Moore
Production Manager
1600 W University Ave #112,
Flagstaff, AZ 86001
NMLS# 177569
Direct: 928-864-5846
Fax: 866-908-6592

About Me

There are two things I have always built my business upon: knowledge and service. 

The mortgage lending industry is one of constant change.  Rates change.  Programs change. Lending requirements change. 

Always staying ahead of the changes in order to find the best financing solution for my clients is something that never will. 

That's why I have always taken pride in my knowledge and understanding of the current mortgage industry. Having been a mortgage lender since 2000, you can rest assured that my expertise is unsurpassed, and I will help you with the most cutting edge programs available.

You would expect to find great service when buying a television, so why wouldn't you expect great service when buying a home?  The answer is: you should.  And you have.  There is nothing more frustruating than being left in the dark during the most important purchase you'll have.  That's why I am available. Always.  Don't lose any sleep wondering how your loan process is progressing.  Whatever I know about your loan, you'll know.  "How did the appraisal go?" "Is my file out of underwriting?" "Will we be able to close earlier than expected?" As soon as I know it, you will, too.

And if you ever have any questions, or just need peace of mind, I'm here. And I want to help!