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    Gary Burmeister

    Senior Loan Originator

    NMLS #252082

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  • lo_1393449395898.jpg

    Kim Cole

    Loan Originator

    NMLS #177738

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  • Tyler DeRuiter

    Associate Loan Originator

    NMLS #648972

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  • lo_1393449501670.jpg

    Michael Gayda

    Senior Loan Originator

    NMLS #177621

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  • lo_1393945872396.jpg

    John Golio

    Senior Loan Originator

    NMLS #422850

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  • lo_1393449723621.jpg

    Donny Griffin

    Loan Originator

    NMLS #184121

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  • lo_1295027670091.jpg

    Carole Hendricks

    Branch Manager

    NMLS #176761

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  • Cindy Murphy

    Loan Originator

    NMLS #583743

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  • lo_1393449882516.jpg

    David Wakefield

    Loan Originator

    NMLS #180383

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    Whether you are purchasing your first home or you've purchased several through the years, it's helpful to stay updated on the home loan process. Although we're always just a phone call away, we have compiled this home-buying guide that contains useful information to help you find the right mortgage.

    Our handy guide contains all the information you need to know for purchasing one of life's most important investments.

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    Did you know that only 25% to 30% of homebuyers have refinanced in the past three years, despite an environment of historically low rates? Some homebuyers hesitate to refinance because they worry about having to pay closing costs or qualifying under stricter lending guidelines. Keep in mind that some mortgage lenders offer loan programs that suit a wide range of credit scores and financial circumstances.

    If you've been thinking about refinancing your home, now may be a good time.

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