About Me

Joshua Chrans has been involved in the Kansas City real estate industry since 2001. He has helped thousands of families across the Country buy or refinance homes with loans that best fit their personal goals. Joshua has worked as a mortgage lender, a mortgage sales manager, a title insurance sales manager, a business coach and a real estate trainer. This experience from “all sides” of the real estate transaction has given Joshua the experience it takes to truly connect with his clients and help them navigate the home buying process with confidence. “People often don’t realize that when they are buying a home, they are acquiring one of the largest assets they will ever have, along with the largest debt they will likely ever have. As such, the decisions that they make through this process will have a greater impact on their ability to accumulate wealth over time than just about any other decision they could make.” Joshua prides himself in helping our clients best understand their options, and how those options may or may not align with their personal financial goals. “Our mission is to make the home financing process smooth and easy, answering questions pro-actively and making our clients feel comfortable and confident in the process”. Joshua is motivated by making a positive difference in the lives of others, and helping his clients make prudent decisions about their home financing allows him to do just that. His primary responsibilities include working with our Realtor and Builder partners to create a team environment & communication system that ensures our clients receive the highest level service and possible, as well as exploring the needs of our clients and helping them begin the pre-approval process. Joshua is passionate about music, reading, personal development, and being a great family man for his wife Mariah and 4 children.