I will treat you like family!

With 15 yrs of experience in all areas of mortgage financing, specializing in First Time Home Buyers, Government Lending, and Conventional Financing.


I speak Spanish fluently while concentrating my time in the North County area, where I both live & have grown up in the community.  Liz partners with many local Realtors and enjoy hosting Financial Workshops, while spending the extra time to educate my clients on every step of the home lending process.  I truly believe the first home financing process with a customer is just the beginning of a lifelong relationship.


I love to understand what your financial needs are, so that we may obtain a mortgage that is right for you & your future.


To accomplish this I have three primary goals:  to answer all of your questions about mortgage financing, to simplify your home financing experience while providing you with a high level of service, while building trusting relationships with you and your family.