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Loans for Building Custom Homes

You’ve probably pictured exactly what you want your perfect home to look like. The layout. The kitchen. The square footage. Everything. With a new construction loan at PrimeLending, we help turn your imagination into reality.

When you utilize a new construction loan, there is a simple two-step process to get you the loan and the new home you’re waiting for. The first step is a temporary loan to start the project. The second process starts after construction is complete, when we’ll refinance your initial loan into a traditional mortgage with the most favorable terms allowed.

Here are a few additional benefits:

  • You only have to move once
  • Get up to 12 months to complete your build with a temporary loan
  • Reliable and easy disbursements to minimize building delays
  • No interest paid until funds are withdrawn for construction
  • We’ll allow you to lock in your final loan rate at any time during the construction process

With a PrimeLending construction loan — you’ll save money in the long run, have more flexibility and the convenience of lower interest rates.