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I felt very upset & discourage as if there was no hope in our situation. I felt as if all my dreams of owning a new house were never going to happening, I had talk to many mortgage brokers & firms who would not help my family. Time was running out on me. I wanted to get a house for my husband who was serving in Iraq... & also help my kids who were in a very bad situation. When I first talk to Terry Keeton, I thought that he was going to be like all the rest of the mortgage people that I talked to in a total of 8 months. Real quickly Terry Keeton gained my confidence & I FELT AT EASE. He had a proven track record, & also while I was talking to him I looked him up online to make sure there were no Rip off reports & bad information on him & PrimeLending. To my findings there was all of this positive good information on Terry which instantly put me at ease. I begun to explain to Terry that my husband was in Iraq & how I did not want him to return home the bad neighborhood we lived in. Every soldier should be able to come home to peace & my neighborhood was far from that. I even begin to cry & tell Terry how my daughter who is 12 years old do virtual surgeries online & wants to be a doctor when she grows up. In my kids situation they were constantly picked on & teased everyday because they were focus on education. The kids in that school constantly fight & disrupt the class so bad that it is hard for kids to learn. My daughter constantly feared going to school to face her bullies & developed a stomach issue because it. I felt like there was no hope for my family & that we will be stuck living in this hell for the rest of our lives. In 2004 our house caved in leaving us homeless while my husband was on his 1st tour to Iraq. I was forced to file bankruptcy because of this. Our family went through so much uncontrollable trauma that no one would give us a chance. I quickly explained to Terry that we desperately needed his help in trying to make this dream a reality for my family. It touched me how Terry Keeton would call me back on my file. I mean this was amazing to me because I dealt with other mortgage companies before & they would not call back, let alone give my file the time of day with a 561 credit score. We failed the automated process with VA loan, but Terry told me don't give up that he would do his best to make it happen in a manual underwriting process... & if all failed we will walk away knowing we gave it our best shot with all options. Finally I said to myself... a person who cares about my family needs & who wants to help us. Terry started off by telling me that this can be a process to go fairly and good if I get him all the documents required to support our case & file. Everything Terry ask for I gave to him within a timely fashion. If you want happiness for your family & you know someone like Terry who gives you 100% of his time & effort, you would get everything they ask for. Getting the documents for me was hard, without my husband being here to help me & fighting for my family... sometimes I felt like giving up. Terry was there to comfort me with words of encouragement & assure me that he was going to do everything he could & I had to push & find all documents. I kept saying to myself I could do this...& every time I say that I would find another document. The underwriting process was scary for me. I was afraid that they would look at me as if I was another person & not at all the documents to support my story. The underwriter wanted to make sure that we could meet all requirements & that all documents was right. I remember not sleeping & I remember telling myself that I've come to far to give up now. Terry worked the file & kept pushing for me. I will never forget the day when I got my final answer. It felt so good to hear Terry Keeton say that one word (APPROVED!) I cried... I told my husband in Iraq that he was coming home to a brand new house. Oh boy... did my husband cry... his fellow soldier buddies cried, they dance & screamed. Most importantly to look into my kids eyes & to hear them say the trouble is over, to hear them say mommy Terry rescued us & helped us was the best thing a mother could hear. We are now in our house & we love it!!!! Thank you Terry Keeton & PrimeLending for giving my family a 2nd chance. You will always be a part of my family.
SGT and Mrs. B. & Family , Richmond, VA – VA Purchase


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A Word From Terry…..

The purchase and financing of a home is often referred to as “the largest financial decision most people make”. It therefore makes sense that you choose a mortgage firm that has its customer’s best interest as its primary goal. You have found that with PrimeLending, a Plains Capital Company.

The benefits of doing business with a direct lender such as PrimeLending is that it is owned by a bank. As such, PrimeLending has its own cutting edge loan programs and having in-house processing, underwriting and closing departments accelerates the loan process. In addition, due to its business associations, PrimeLending also has the ability to bank loans with most other major lenders if the conditions or customers desires require it. Working with PrimeLending therefore gives you the best of both worlds in that you are working with a banking firm that also has the ability to take advantage of the same programs that you would find at any ordinary mortgage brokerage firm. This strength allows PrimeLending to offer programs for all types of scenarios and credit profiles, even the most difficult ones.

Considering the magnitude of the decision, it is surprising how uninformed the average person is with regard to the financing or re-financing of a home. By in large however, it is simply due to fact that it’s something you do only a handful of times in your life at most. I have always believed that the best service I can offer my customers is to educate them to the process and then to offer them the most beneficial program available. I therefore offer you my guidance in educating you with regard to the home loan process as needed and my services with regard to a home mortgage or the refinancing of an existing home mortgage.

I also invite you to spend some time navigating through my website to see some of the testimonials from my previous clients and to learn more about PrimeLending and our 25 plus year history in the mortgage industry.

 If you would like to begin the process, please click on the Apply Now button to the left and complete the information. As soon as I receive it, I will begin the PreApproval process.

 I look forward to working with you and to helping you find the mortgage option that is best for you. No one will work harder to ensure your complete satisfaction!

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