Hear What Your Neighbors Have to Say About Joseph

Matthew C.
Brockport, NY

Joe is phenomenal to work with. He is very personable and cares about his clients. He is always available to answer questions and makes the whole process seamless. Thanks again Joe! Very easy from my end. provide the documents and they take care of the rest!

Derek D.
Grafton, WI

Joe Cutaia... hands down the best! In the worst moments of the process, he was the rock and got everything to the goal line!

Melissa B.
Ogden, NY

Joe Cutaia was not only professional, responsive and knowledgeable he had patience. To be candid, my refinance was due to a divorce, and the details were less than customary. He handled every hurdle that was presented with grace and helped me achieve the best case scenario in the least stressful way possible. I would highly, highly recommend him to anyone.

Jeremy & Sandra Y.
Tully, NY

Great experience. Excellent results! Nothing this complex can be performed to perfection. Indeed this process had a few hiccups, but the were mediated by the amazing service Joe Cutaia. I would say we were likely not the easiest loan; our search was long with a few misfires on our part. We also settled on a house that did not require a realtor. Joe was patient, always unbelievably understanding, a comforting listener when advice was needed - all the things that make someone a truly good empath. Joe was available, and a step ahead of almost every issue before it happened. I really enjoyed working with him and I know he made this process as perfect as it could be. Even at the end, when rates changed in my favor, when the lock had to be extended a few days because of the seller's mistakes, Joe made up for any small hiccups by adjusting his end so we didn't adjust ours. We've bought two homes through PrimeLending now and Joe Cutaia(NY) has made the process as enjoyable as it could be. We'll be back!

Kyle O.
Rochester, NY

Joe was awesome to work with! He got everything done so quickly and was always available if we had any questions or concerns! PrimeLending was a great company to work with! They were phenomenal at getting things done quick and efficiently! We are beyond happy with how everything worked out!

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