Renovation Programs

Whether you’re buying a home or refinancing, all renovation costs will be rolled into your new mortgage, so you will still have just one monthly payment. Check out solutions below to see which might fit your situation best.

Required Repairs

  • EZ “C”onventional
    Cosmetic improvements only
    If you’re ready to modernize a home’s look, this renovation loan finances smaller appraiser-requested or borrower-requested repairs.
  • HomeStyle1/CHOICE2
    Designed for older homes As homes age in established neighborhoods, updates and repairs that add value to the home are popular options. This loan offers the opportunity to do just that.
  • FHA 203K
    Offering lower down payments FHA renovation loans are more affordable renovation options to help refinance or buy homes needing updates or repairs. There are options for both cosmetic and structural repairs.
  • VA Renovation
    Giving numerous benefits to veterans A VA renovation loan is designed to help qualified military members, veterans and their families create the home of their dreams more affordably.
  • Repair Escrow
    Options to fit your repair needs Whether you’re refinancing to renovate, making repairs or buying a fixer-upper that needs work, our repair options give you the ability to make the changes you want in a home.
  • Weather-Related
    Recovering from storm damage If a storm caused damage to your home, you want to make energy-efficient updates (like solar panels), or weather delays repairs during the sale of a home, we’ve got loan options to help.
  • Pool Escrow
    Dive right in Is your home missing the swimming pool you’ve always wanted in your backyard? That’s what a pool escrow renovation loan option is for.
  • Jumbo Renovation
    For higher-priced homes This loan is for homes valued over conforming limits and covers non-structural repairs. The maximum cost of renovation is the lesser of $150,000 or 20% of the renovation completed value. This can be used for both buying a home that needs updating or a renovation refinance.

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